Teacher Training

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Whether your goal is to teach or simply uncover new depths in your practice Pure’s Whether your goal is to teach or simply uncover new depths in your practice Adrienne Stevens and Ashley DeSaro invites you to deepen and refine your practice while giving you the tools you need to lead others through their practices. We strive to empower each other to find strength, balance, and peace on and off the mat

Our 200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and teachings of yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. By the end of the training, you will be ready to teach, adjust, and modify a class. You’ll have a solid, groundwork understanding of the chakra system, yoga philosophy, pranayama and the different styles of yoga! The training is specifically designed to help you:

• Gain a broader understanding of yoga history and philosophy

• Advance your study of asana; Learning the Sanskrit names of postures

• Understand the principles of anatomy • Navigate through the different styles of yoga

• Explore the art of sequencing • Develop your understanding of the chakra system, bandhas, mudras, koshas, and gunas

• Find your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual

• Build confidence through practice teaching

January 22 – June 17, 2022
Two Weekends a month
Saturday And Sundays 12 – 7 PM

1/22 and 1/23
02/05 and 02/06
02/19 and 02/20
03/05 and 03/06
03/19 and 03/20
04/02 and 04/03
04/23 and 04/24
05/07 and 05/08
05/21 and 05/22
06/04 and 06/05
06/11 and 06/12

Nine Fridays Virtual
6-9 PM

06/17- In Person Graduation

Early Bird Special till December 1 $2600 – $500 (non-refundable) Deposit
Register from Dec 2 – January 8 $3,300 – $500 (non-refundable) Deposit
Payment Plans Available

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Meet Your Lead Teachers

Ashley DeSaro, E-RYT 200, Prenatal Certified teacher and Owner of Pure has immersed herself in the journey of self-exploration through Yoga. When she first stepped onto a mat and noticed the immediate release of tension in her physical body. As she continued taking classes, she noticed how much more relaxed her mind was and how to manage stress better. This realization sparked her to continue to learn about the philosophy of yoga. Ashley has completed courses in chakra work, essential oils, and became LoveYourBrain Certified to teach those that live with a TBI .Through her passion of the practice she decided to commit to share what she has learned in hopes that her students learn to live their lives to the fullest. Ashley’s classes challenge students to step out of their comfort zone and to have breakthroughs for the mind, body, and soul.

Adrienne Stevens, E-RYT 300 and currently enrolled for RYT 500, Completed a 300-hr course at The American Yoga Academy in 2013 and went on to study meditation and authentically apprenticed to become a Reiki Master / Teacher. She loves learning and has continued to be a diligent student herself so she can share the new experiences in the practice of her students. To deepen her traditional yoga practice she is also certified in SUP and Aerial Yoga as well. She has completed courses in chakra work and crystals. She designs her classes to be a positive and encouraging environment and enjoys watching the transformation of her students both on and off of the mat. 


Studying YTT at Pure Toms River Yoga under the instruction of Denise Tranchina, Adrienne Stevens and Ashley DeSaro was amazing. Their knowledge, encouragement and support during our yoga journey made this training an exceptional experience. Pure is a welcoming, non-judgmental community. The YTT curriculum created a solid foundation which I was able to build upon to find my voice and become a knowledgeable practitioner, and a safe and confident guide

“I would like to say thank you for the amazing experience completely the YTT  at Pure. It was well organized, very informative extremely educational and well rounded. I feel like I was so prepared to teach from the moment I graduated because of the very thorough fully thought out planned program that I received . I felt immediately a part of a family and I continue to feel that way and I have built long-standing friendships and relationships with my peers that went through the program as well as the teachers. I am very grateful for my teachers and my teachers teachers it was the best experience.! I highly recommend if you are considering becoming a teacher to go through this amazing program! “

“I am proud to be one of the graduates of Pure’s 2020 YTT. It was a challenging training of studying during the Covid-19 restrictions along with a virtual switch to Zoom. Our Teachers adapted well to the environment that was giving to us and dedicating to give us the best training with their skills. The overwhelming support gave the students the foundations for a successful experience and I am so thankful Study with Pure”