Class Descriptions

Buddha Baby Yoga– For moms or dads of all levels and babies 6 weeks to walking age to create a bonding experience with your baby. Also will ease you back into your Practice or gives you a reason to begin and meet fellow parents.

Candlelight* Warm Slow Flow – This class is a relaxed slower paced vinyasa flow that is suitable for all levels. The class will focus on extended poses & deep breathing. This class will leave you feeling peaceful & calm. *candles in fall/winter only

Freedom Flow– This vinyasa class is designed so that you can be excaltyl who you are with whatever you show up with. Have the Freedom and comfort to practice in a safe space where you can discover and rediscover your inner greatness. Not for the True Beginner, but for all levels of practice. Options and Modifications available along with encouragement for freedom of expression.

Gentle Yoga – Very slow paced hatha & vinyasa style class. Includes a lot of deep stretchy Perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to take it slow for the day. This class is not heated.

Hatha Yoga – This class moves slowly but is vigorous as it emphasizes strength & grace. This is a complete yoga class honoring many different styles of yoga & bodywork. You will tone and elongate your muscles while awakening your mind & soul.

Hot Power Hour – This is an intense physical practice in a room heated to 90 degrees. This dynamic 1 hour practice will keep you moving as you sweat off the calories, strengthen your core & increase flexibility. Come to class well hydrated!

Kids Yoga – A fun filled class where children will learn traditional yoga poses, play yoga games, and learn relaxation/meditation techniques. Wear comfortable clothes & bring a stuffed animal.

Mindful Meditation – Class will introduce participants to the practice of mindfulness meditation. The instructors will guide participants through practice, including techniques for breath awareness, relaxation and development of nonjudgmental awareness. These practices invite calmness and stability to our experience of each moment and promote feelings of wellbeing, clarity, relaxation and balance. These practices are non-religious and are shown to have numerous benefits for mental, emotional and physical health.

Meditation through the Sense
s-  Mediating through the senses with the healers of earth. before books were written our ancestors of this earth found information about this planet through intuitive listening. We will begin with a meditation to still the mind and then mediate through the senses with natural healers earth provides us such as herbs, crystal, etc. to see what these healers have to say to you. This class brings new awareness and personal reflection.

Open Levels/Prenatal – Our level 1 class, open to prenatal students, is taught by a certified prenatal instructor. Modifications will be offered for expectant mothers. This is not a gentle class.

LuvFlow – Come experience this open level tribal gathering incorporating Native American healing, breathing techniques, graceful movement, and mini yoga nidra. Leave feeling amazing! (Heated)

Restorative Reiki Yin – A rejuvenating & revitalizing practice combining cellular breathing with the stillness generated from yin poses (held for 3-5 minutes) while receiving hands of Reiki healing. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that assists with self-healing and movement of energy. This class is for all levels and anyone seeking relaxation and restoration.

Rise and Shine Flow – Wake up and Connect your mind and body. This Open Levels Class is designed to create Strength, Flexibility, and Balance to start your day off right.

Sunrise Flow – Wake up with heart with warming sun salutations that will energize your body & calm your mind a fun vinyasa flow that will leave you ready to take on your day.

Warm Aligned Flow – Is a class heated between 75-80 degrees. Emphasis is placed on alignment and progressive sequencing as a way to deepen mindfulness, to strengthen body awareness and functionality, and to increase one’s experience of living in deep connection to his/her own body, mind & heart.

Warm Hip – This class is held in a warm room to allow the hips & hamstrings to gently open and relax. All poses will focus on opening up the hips & hamstrings. Perfect for students of all levels who wish to gain flexibility (especially great for runners).

Warm Vinyasa Flow – A vinyasa flow practiced in a room heated in the 80s degrees to warm up the muscles. Vinyasa movements are smoothly flowing matching movements with breath. Suitable for all levels

Vinyasa Flow – This class is open to all levels of practice. Vinyasa means flowing with the breath. This class will offer creative flow sequences based on traditional postures that will allow the students to gain strength & flexibility. Please Note: Strong Vinyasa is for students that have a built a practice

Yoga Basics – This class is great for beginners to learn the basic hatha poses & breathe work. In this class you will learn proper alignment & modifications. This class is not heated.