Yoga Bingo

Joining Pure on the Mat thus June for Yoga Bingo

This Year PDF is available to upload for you to print which board you will like to do A, B, or C. You Can Also keep a photo on your phone and mark up to DM to us.

Rules: Have Fun! Choose Board A, B, or C. Depending on the Square you are completing ensure to Tag Pure, #PureYogaBingo, or Sign into Class. Each Class will respresent one spot on board

Win Prizes Such as a Free Private Lesson, Pure Swag, and More

Ways to Win: Straight Bingo, an X,T, or L Pattern, or Fill Up the Board

Yoga Bingo Runs From June 1 to June 30  and Boards must be submitted by July 4, 2022

One Board Per Student and Winners Will Randomly be picked on July 4, 2022