Mindful March

March is Mindful March at Pure
All Month Pure will be raising awareness and money for the non-profit org. Love Your Brain to provide yoga, meditation, and more to those who live with a TBI

Over 3 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
occur in the US and Canada each year

That’s one every 11 seconds

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and Pure is doing our part to support those affected by traumatic brain injury (including concussion) through free access to LoveYourBrain Yoga! 

Please help us support the LoveYourBrain Foundation during MindfulMarch! When you make a donation through my page, you’re improving the lives of those affected by traumatic brain injury by helping LoveYourBrain expand their evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness programs worldwide!

What is MindfulMarch? MindfulMarch is LoveYourBrain’s largest campaign of the year to raise awareness about brain injury and funding for the LoveYourBrain Yoga program! During MindfulMarch, LoveYourBrain aims to raise $120,000 to help keep LoveYourBrain Yoga and LoveYourBrain Mindset Online FREE for those who need it – including people with brain injury and their caregivers. Over 5,000 people have attended LoveYourBrain Yoga and Mindset Online Classes – and none of this is possible without our support!

The donation process is fast, easy and secure. Thanks so much for your support… and please don’t forget to send this page to any friends you think might be interested in donating!

How Can You Donate?

Donate Directly Here

Venmo Ashley-Desaro

Donate at the Studio

Donation Workshops for Love Your Brain

Every Thursday in March Join Olivia for a Virtual Meditation to end your day at 8 PM. Class will be held on Zoom

Catch the Downloadable Meditation New One Added Each Week:

Week One Meditation– Body Scan

Week Two Meditation– Rain

Week three Meditation- Yoga Nidra

March 21 at 12 PM Meditation, Mantra, and Movement In Studio and Virtual with Maura Fields focus on the throat, third eye, and crown chakras

March 26 In Studio and Virtual Friday Night Restore
Join Ashley DeSaro for a Restorative Yoga Class